Through Our Eyes

Every now and then we eat at restaurants in Moshi. We do not regularly eat out (mostly due to our tight budget) because we do not have a car and do not want to walk long distances in the dark. One restaurant is fairly close to us, but we have only visited twice. It is called The Watering Hole. A photo of the beautiful walk down to the restaurant is below.

We enjoy eating at The Watering Hole because they serve wonderful food! This is the only place in Moshi that serves nachos! The Watering Hole is located by a river, so the sound from the stream and the wildlife also make the restaurant entertaining.

A photo of the river is below. We decided that Melissa had to be in the photo because everyone at the BCC office calls Melissa a goat, and as you can see, there are a few goats on the rocks in the river. Before our trip to visit the Masai, we told the Masai pastor that Melissa does not eat meat. As you may recall, the Masai people only eat meat and drink milk, so we were wondering if we should bring some food for Melissa. The pastor said, don’t worry, she can just go eat with the goats! From this moment on, the BCC staff has called Melissa a goat and when we eat rice and beans at the office each Tuesday, they say, “We are having goat food today!”

Another service that The Watering Hole offers is movies. They show movies every most evenings and it is possible to request movies for a group. Last week, we requested the Lion King for our friends, Deb and Miranda, who had just returned from their safari. Some of the names in that movie are actual Swahili words! Some examples are: Simba means lion, rafiki means friend, and hakuna matata actually means no worries. Also, the movie itself is pretty good! Neither of us had seen the movie since our childhood so it was very fun to watch. It was so great to be able to relax by a river, eat nachos, and watch such a great movie (while eating popcorn for $.33 a bowl)!

The Watering Hole is more than just a restaurant; it is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) that works with local people to provide training opportunities for work in the restaurant industry. We really enjoy The Watering Hole and we hope to continue to support their business in the future!


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