Last night we both woke because of a loud thundering noise that we were unfamiliar with. As we lay in bed, half asleep, thoughts of what the noise could be ran through our mind. Could it be wind, a storm, a generator? Suddenly, it hit us; the noise was rain! It has not rained in Moshi for over 6 weeks. We were very happy that an uncharacteristic storm had come during the dry season!

The next day on the walk to work, the streets were not as dusty, the leaves were green instead of brown, and everyone seemed very happy. It is amazing what something as simple as an unexpected rainstorm can do for a community. For us, it was nice for our eyes to not burn at the end of the day from the constant dust blowing in our faces. It was re-energizing!

Last week was a very interesting week. We mostly worked on paperwork for Mosaic and BCC since we have reports due at the end of the month. We also worked on shipping the cooperative bags to the United States. Below is a photo of the 400 cooperative bags in the BCC vehicle. We had a lot of bags and we loaded the vehicle like we were Tanzanians! There were some unexpected obstacles, but it was a pretty successful week!

Moshi basically shut down for two days. The Muslim holiday, Eid, occurred on Wednesday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, most businesses were closed to honor the holiday. Moshi is a community that has about a 1:1 Christian to Muslim ratio making up approximately 80 percent of the population. Due to this, the entire community honors holidays for both religions.

Because of Eid, DHL would not finish boxing up our bags until Friday, Vodacom was closed, and the day centers were closed. This was great for us, because it opened up some free time so that we can work on our monthly paperwork!

This coming week we have a couple of meetings to prepare for. We will be meeting with Dr. Declare, a KCMC professor, about the alternative health program. With this meeting, we hope to iron out some details regarding the medical student volunteer program and the services that the KCMC hospital will provide for the children who receive services from BCC. The BCC staff meeting will also occur this week. Besides meetings, we will be working on organizing the second bag cooperative and completing other tasks that are assigned to us by BCC management.

In our blogs this week we will discuss one of our favorite restaurants, The Watering Hole. We will also discuss one of the children who has attended a vocational program, Leah.


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