Inspirational Tid- Bits

One of our major responsibilities while we are participating in this fellowship is to work with the current social business and help individuals expand their business ideas. As we visit other cities, non-governmental organizations and friends, we are learning about new craft opportunities that are possible for the caregivers of children who are participating in the BCC program. One idea came from our friend Deb, who we visited in Rwanda a few weeks ago.

We are working with a group of women who currently have microcredit loans in Pasua Parish. They are working on beading in cooperation with each other. If their microcredit loans are successful, it is possible for them to become a cooperative business, which will provide financial support for the caregivers and for BCC.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Deb is working with a nongovernmental organization in Rwanda that focuses on quilting. They use their scrap material and pop bottle caps to make earrings and necklaces to sell. This is a Ugandan idea called “ebadeshi” or, “things that are thrown away.” Deb had the idea for us to collect scrap material and work with the Pasua women to create these items. As mentioned in the update, Deb was in town to go on safari with our friend Jesse, so she volunteered to help the Pasua women learn how to make these items.

The current bag cooperative is very productive and uses all of its fabric; they end up with no scrap material, which is a good problem to have! So, last week we went with Rosemary and walked the streets of Moshi asking the tailors for their scrap material. People were very generous and donated a lot of material to the project!

Below are pictures of Deb and Genevieve working with the Pasua women to create “ebadeshi.” The women were very happy to learn the new skill! They made some beautiful earrings and later next week we will visit them again to check on how the “ebadeshi” is going!


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