Through Our Eyes

BCC has several partners in Tanzania. One of BCC’s most established and closest partners is Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT). We visited CCBRT at the beginning of our trip, but we’ve never shared their story with you. Since our first visit to CCBRT, we have been very impressed with its programming and the services that it offers to Moshi and the surrounding areas. Below you will find a photo of some of the CCBRT facilities.

CCBRT provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and minor surgeries (such as repairing club feet for infants) to individuals with disabilities in Tanzania. CCBRT also builds wheelchairs for individuals in need in the Moshi community. See below for a photo of the wheelchair factory. CCBRT performs work in day centers, such as BCC, or in the homes of children with disabilities. The experience and expertise that CCBRT provides to caregivers of children with disabilities is far superior to most other entities that provide similar services in Tanzania.

CCBRT also offers a week of intensive care for caregivers of children with disabilities, and for the children. This program teaches parents and caregivers how to properly work with their child, feeding techniques for their child, and how to perform therapies that will benefit their child. They attend this week with other caregivers of children with disabilities, so they also become socially connected to peers who have similar life experiences, which is incredibly valuable to Tanzanians. This week of intensive care is offered at a nominal fee, typically 5,000 Tanzanian Shillings ($3.33), but CCBRT will accept less based upon individual circumstances. Below you will find a few photos of CCBRT’s impressive facilities.

CCBRT also works closely with local hospitals and medical care providers to advocate for children with disabilities so that children receive medical services at the earliest opportunity. This is important, because similar to socialization and education, the earlier physical therapy and surgeries occur for a child with disabilities, the better the possible outcomes become.

CCBRT focuses mostly on the medical aspect of services for children with disabilities, while BCC works on education, socialization, nutrition, employment and general wellness of children. The partnership of these programs is wonderful because, when it works at its fullest potential, it provides comprehensive services and assists to improve general quality of life for children with disabilities and their families.

BCC is currently working with CCBRT to establish an Early Intervention Program. CCBRT is working with doctors to emphasize the importance of diagnosing children with a disabilities and prescribing the appropriate therapies as soon as possible. BCC is working with parents and caregivers of children who participate in its programs to volunteer to visit parents and caregivers of children who have just been discovered to have a developmental disability. This will provide important social supports and vital information for the parents and caregivers of children who have newly been discovered to have a disability.

We hope that this partnership can continue to grow and prosper. It is an amazing relationship that has the potential to develop into a powerful change initiative.


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