Back to work this week!  Since taking a few days off to visit Rwanda, we have worked every day.  It was good to have a few days off, but our work still continues!  We were so excited to see our friends at BCC again!  We are all growing very close and, at least at this point, really enjoy working together!  It was wonderful to be caught up on everything that happened in our absence.  One day was even a national holiday, but BCC still accomplished a lot!

For the past few weeks, there has been a “fuel crisis” in Tanzania.  The cost of fuel became too high, so the national government set a cap for how expensive gas and diesel fuel could be.  International oil companies did not like this and quit selling oil in Tanzania.  The government told them to resume business or they would be banned from selling fuel in the country.  Many companies have resumed selling and distributing fuel, but larger companies, such as British Petroleum (BP) have not.  As a result, the Tanzanian government has banned BP from selling and distributing oil in Tanzania for three months.  In effect, the power rationing, which is hydroelectric and gas powered generators, has become more severe and the power outages are more extreme.  The days of 24 hour power outages are back!

Between extended power outages, a national fuel crisis, and work we realize that we are definitely back in Tanzania!

Last week was very productive with BCC!  Rosemary submitted two grants, Genevieve worked to register children for vocational programs and public schools, and Kaaya spent some time preparing for a board meeting.  The office was a very busy place.

We spent much of the week helping Kaaya prepare for the board meeting.  The board wanted some numbers on how much money BCC has raised so far this year.  They also wanted some programmatic updates.  We worked with Kaaya, Genevieve and Rosemary to prepare several reports for the upcoming meeting.

As part of BCC’s sustainability, new positions have been created.  One of those new positions is a “social business developer.”  Mary has been identified by BCC management as BCC’s first social business developer.  She is amazing and has already done a lot of work for the position and BCC!

We worked with Rosemary and Mary to establish a second bag cooperative.  Mary has just started her new position, but she is already doing an amazing job!  She found a location and has identified caregivers, as well as one young woman who has finished vocational school, to work in the new cooperative.  We are very excited for this cooperative to be established!

Next week should be another busy week.  It is the last full week of August and we have a lot of programmatic items to complete for Mosaic and BCC.  A board meeting is scheduled for early in the week.  Our friend from Rwanda is also going on safari with Jesse, our safari friend, so she and her friend will stay with us this coming weekend!  We are excited to have a few guests and show them the beauty of Tanzania! 

In our blog this week, we will be discussing how we relax in Tanzania.   We will also discuss an inspirational story of the Moshi community celebrating the success of a BCC child.


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