This has been a fast and hard week. We had many little pieces to put together since we were unable to work last week due to Melissa’s illness. Also, because it is a new month, we met with the BCC management to discuss the tasks that were completed last month, and the new tasks that everyone thought should be completed this coming month. Overall, it was another good week!

Over the past four months we have had the detailed strategic plan explaining the tasks that should be completed and the timeframe in which they should be completed. It made sense for us to have this detailed plan because most of our tasks parallel the goals set out in the strategic plan. However, we slowly realized over the past few months that we should not be the only ones with a detailed plan that is based off of the strategic plan. The tasks got done this way, but to the BCC management it seemed like we made all these ideas and most of the time they were not sure what tasks were coming due and needed to be completed.

We decided that it made more sense for each person on BCC’s management team to have their own 90 day strategic plan that we would all work on together. We met yesterday and the BCC management team created the next 90 day plan. Each person has a sheet outlining their tasks along with a temporary due date. The management team really liked this idea and decided that there should be a reward if everyone completes all of their tasks! We talked with Kaaya and he agreed that either a pizza party or a trip to a national park would be in order if all items on the individual 90 day plans were completed on time!

This week we also said goodbye to several volunteers who had spent the past month or two at BCC. Greg from Nebraska will be going to Agape seminary in rural Moshi to teach English starting Monday. We will miss seeing him regularly at Uhuru Hotel and Union Café (a couple of the major western hang-outs in Moshi). Sarah from New York, a woman that worked hard with the bag cooperative and the attached day center, will be going on safari and then returning to the United States. Also, the Cornell girls will be returning home this weekend. It was great to work with all of them! Volunteers coming and going often creates an interesting feeling for us, which we will discuss in the “Through Our Eyes” section.

Another group of volunteers who left last week is the group from Nebraska who was traveling to Southern Tanzania to visit the refugee resettlement camps. We will talk about their departure in the “Inspirational Tid-Bits” section.

We are currently in Rwanda! We had to delay our trip because Melissa became ill.
Check in next week to hear all about our Rwandan adventure!


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