This week began with sickness and ended with a safe decision. Both of us were ill at the start of the week. The result was a week of missed work and our further understanding about how everything here is very dependent on individual health. Each time we become sick, we appreciate western medicine and our lack of tropical diseases just a little more. We have even taken measures to avoid unclean drinking water and malaria, yet we still become sick more frequently than in the United States. Here, our safe measures were to delay our trip one week.

Because of the inconsistencies in people’s plans, it was a fairly painless experience to change our flight from this weekend to next weekend. We decided that it was better to stay around a doctor that we are familiar with and to stay in a place that feels a little like home while we get better. Anyways, who likes being sick on vacation?

We were not able to go to the office this week, but we were still able to get a few things done. Once we became healthy, and with the help of Genevieve and Rosemary, we were able to accomplish all of the goals that we had set for ourselves. It was good to be able to accomplish our goals and to finish the month on a good note!

BCC staff finished visiting centers with the Cornell students. They were a little rushed the final day, but everything ended up being completed as planned! They will spend their last days in Moshi completing a report and inputting health information about the children who receive services from BCC day centers into a database for future use. It was great to be able to work with the Cornell students, and they definitely provided a wonderful service for BCC!

We were also able to finish a letter for the KCMC medical student volunteer program (BCC’s preventative healthcare program). We have been compiling a lot of research and working very diligently in order to finish this goal! By Monday afternoon, the head of the KCMC Community Health Department will have our proposal. Hopefully our letter and proposal are received well and we can begin working regularly with the KCMC medical students to ensure better quality healthcare for the children served by BCC!

This week we will finish our two part segment on the Rwandan genocide in the “Inspirational Tid-Bits” section. Part 2 will be about the Rwandan healing process and how they were able to forgive one another so quickly. In the “Through Our Eyes” section we will discuss one of the programs that the Cornell students are implementing as well as our program proposal to the Head of the KCMC Community Health Department.


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