July 2011

Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues,

As many of you know, we returned to the U.S. in May.  Since then, we have been trying to catch up on things that didn’t quite get finished before leaving.  Of course we accumulated more things to work on and complete while in Romania and Tanzania. Our first few weeks back were spent doing a few presentations and participating in meetings, as well as rounding up clothing from the homes of friends with whom it was stashed.

At home in CT, we have planted our little garden that is looking like it will have a bumper crop of tomatoes and eggplants. Rich has been up at the crack of dawn each morning to go fishing, and Barb has been swimming  and keeping an eye on the backyard assortment of birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. Rich’s mom visited from Ohio for ten days and we’ve been catching up with as many friends as possible.

Now rested, we are reminded of what a professor once said about great events in our lives which went something like this: 25% of the satisfaction comes from planning the event, 25% from actually completing the event, and 50% remembering the event. Our memories of our time and work experiences in Romania and Tanzania are numerous, both personally and professionally.

So between now and the beginning of October, our second year begins as we depart for Romania in the fall.  During that time we will post several blog entries sharing more information and thoughts about our observations and stories from the past year.  Many people entered our lives and our hearts, each with a unique story. Meeting and spending time with the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Muhammad Yunus in Romania was quite memorable.  Our thinking was and still is challenged by the meaning of cultural mores versus those of the west. There was humor such as the tails of Rich’s driving skills in Tanzania and Barb’s walker. 

On a more serious note, information gathered and first hand looks gave us a more clear picture of the existing needs, but also of some changes taking place.  We’ll include pictures, trivia activities for you, and finally we’ll tell you how to be involved with us and the programs in which we work.

We ask that you take a look at our blog once in a while since we think we have lots to share with you.  It will keep you up to date about what we are up to!  Plus you can give us feedback or ask questions right on the spot!  

Rich and Barb     


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