It has been yet another good week in Moshi. We started the week by celebrating the Fourth of July on Monday! We still went to work, but we were able to find a little apple pie and some watermelon in the market to celebrate the day! The picture is below.

The rest of the week was fairly productive, all things considered. We are slowly realizing that often times, our productivity is a product of health, the availability of power, and other situations that are outside of our control. In the United States, often a plan for a day, week, month, or year is made. Unless something catastrophic occurs, usually the plan is accomplished. We are becoming aware that many times here we need many backup plans in order to accomplish tasks that are outlined for us to accomplish.

We have mentioned before that individuals with formal jobs in Tanzania are required by the national government to take one month off of work each year. Rosemary was gone for the month of May and we think Genevieve will take vacation in August. Like we mentioned last week, Kaaya, the BCC director, will be on vacation for the month of July. However, he will still work sporadically on important things or when we need him for an emergency. Also, this week Rosemary became ill and was out of the office most of the week recovering from her illness.

Genevieve was healthy and very excited to work with us on several projects! We were able to visit one more doctor’s office to negotiate the alternative healthcare plan. Genevieve had a phenomenal idea of using three smaller doctor’s offices as opposed to one larger doctor’s office. This will ensure close proximity to the children, which was her main – and much warranted – concern. Also, with a smaller clinic it is more likely that the quality of care will be higher for the children who need medical attention. We decided to work with her to pursue this idea! We will still try to meet with the large hospital in Moshi, KCMC, but this is a wonderful plan that we will throw onto the list of possibilities!

We were also able to begin the process of registering children for another vocational school, Usa River. They have said that their registration will take place in October. We were able to work on identifying children to take to Usa River. We are looking forward to registering some more children for vocational school! Hopefully this trip will be just as successful as the registration at Imani vocational school!

One more major accomplishment for BCC was that we sent out the first quarterly newsletter! BCC has been working very diligently to create a newsletter and a contact list. BCC was finally able to email their newsletter to past volunteers, donors, and stakeholders. If you are interested in receiving the newsletter please email bccproject.elctnd@yahoo.com!

In addition to being the director of BCC, Kaaya also teaches a class at a local college in Faraja, a community about 30 minutes from Moshi. Next week we will be going with him to attend one of his classes. It should be very interesting! After attending the lecture, we will meet with an individual who wants to work closely with BCC on a project in Faraja. Hopefully we will be able to get more detail on the project that they want to begin! This week in the “Through our Eyes” section, we will blog about the joys, difficulties, and humor of being a “mzungu.” We will also continue our four part “Inspirational Tid-Bits” segment on the Masai and our experience with them. In part three, we will discuss our experience at the Masai singing competition. We were selected to judge the competition! It was a very difficult decision, but we thoroughly enjoyed our experience!


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