Through Our Eyes

An introduction to Mjusi

There has been a guest in our house for the past 8-10 weeks. About two weeks into our trip a little lizard crawled under our main entrance door and went behind a curtain. Kaaya happened to be in the house at the time and he said that lizards are a great thing to have in and around the house! We asked him why and he replied, “Because they eat all of the insects.” That was reason enough for us to allow the lizard to remain in the house that evening. We asked Kaaya what a good name for a lizard was and he suggested Mjusi. After that point we did not see the lizard for quite some time, so we just assumed he left.

We find that there are lizards everywhere in Moshi. They climb on the outside of buildings, they are among the rafters inside homes, and they crawl around on the sidewalks and roads. It is a tropical climate with many insects, so it makes sense that there are so many lizards. Melissa was slightly afraid of lizards when we arrived, but recently she has grown a bit more used to seeing them.

John had been noticing Mjusi around the house at various times since Mjusi’s entrance into the home. Mjusi suns himself in the bathroom window some mornings. He also travels around to each bedroom and performs the service of eating insects that are in the room. Because Mjusi entered the house in front of everyone, John assumed that Mjusi being in the house was not a point of conversation.

Last week Melissa found Mjusi again. Apparently a lizard inside the house warrants a much different reaction than a lizard outside of the house. She was brushing her teeth in our bathroom and she noticed Mjusi sunning himself behind the curtains in the morning sun that was coming through our bathroom window. See the photo below. She did not scream, but she was clearly concerned! After a discussion about the benefits of Mjusi’s insect patrol, and a quick lecture on the importance of informing Melissa of any lizards in the house, we decided to keep him! So, we now have a pet lizard that roams around our house and eats insects for us!

We recommend anyone who would like to keep their insect levels down in their home to also invest in a pet lizard! The only downside is that the lizard should be allowed to be free in the house in order to appropriately eat insects!


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