Happy 4th of July!

While the American Independence Day is not celebrated internationally, we will be celebrating in our hearts. We will be dreaming of BBQ’s, fireworks, and afternoons at the lake! Although they do not have fireworks here, nor do they swim, we think we will be able to celebrate the American Independence Day in our own special way. Maybe we will go to a coffee shop and have a large latte, which will make us feel like we are at home.

We do have one day off this week. July 7 is called Peasants’ Day. We do not know exactly what it celebrates, but we do know that the Church office, day centers, and most businesses will be closed to celebrate this holiday.

In Tanzania, Independence Day is celebrated on December 9. That is the day that celebrates Tanzania’s official independence from the British. They also recognize Zanzibar’s, a small island that was independent initially after colonial rule, Independence Day as well as the day that Zanzibar and Tanganyika joined to form a new country, which is called Tanzania today!

Last week was also a special week. John turned 26 on Monday June 27! We celebrated by sleeping in (mostly because we were EXHAUSTED from our Masai trip) and making French toast! Melissa also made John the best cake ever! We are not sure if it tasted so good because we have not had any cake for 3 months or if it was just an amazing cake! It was a vanilla cake with three layers. In between the layers was Nutella chocolate spread. The cake was complete with peanut butter icing. You can see a picture of the cake below. It was so tasty that Melissa wants John to make the same icing with chocolate cake on her birthday, which is December, 11! We will see if he can pull it off.

As far as work goes, last week was also very successful. We were able to complete most of the loose ends for June and properly prepare for July. Kaaya will be on vacation for most of the month, so we spent a couple of days checking with him to see what tasks he wants Rosemary, Genevieve and us to accomplish while he is away. We think we have our directions down and we hope for another successful month!

This week we will be working on the preventative healthcare program. We will also be working to find grant funding for BCC. When we find time we will try to visit the current bag cooperative. We also will be working to start a few new cooperatives this month! Hopefully the development of these cooperatives goes well. They will serve as a major source of sustainability for BCC in the near future and hopefully for a long time to come!

We are excited about the blogs this week! In the “Through our Eyes” section, we will discuss our new pet, Mjusi. In the “Inspirational Tid-bits” section, we will continue our 4-part series about our visit with the Masai. We added another part due to popular demand!

One final note, this week is John’s sister’s birthday! Happy birthday big sister!!!!


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