As June is winding down, we are left meditating on the projects that were completed over the course of the month. Naturally there are things that were not completed on schedule, but this is often the case in any organization. As we reflect on what BCC has accomplished during June, we are very excited! BCC’s progress and enthusiasm from May definitely carried into June, creating another successful month!

Last week we were finally able to meet with a renowned gentleman named Dr. Declare. He is one of the professors at the medical college in Moshi, KCMC. We met with him to discuss the possibility of working with KCMC and its students on the children’s alternative healthcare program that BCC is working to establish. He was incredibly helpful! He is interested in working with us to establish a relationship with the college; he gave us some wonderful ideas to pursue while we work to set up the program!

We also had the second first-aid training with Sister Norah last week. She discussed practical first-aid and worked with the day center and in-home support workers to teach them how to perform first-aid. She set up a station and created different scenarios where someone was hurt, sick, or bit by a snake. Below you will find a photo of one of these demonstrations. The staff loved her training; they seemed to have learned a lot from Sister Norah! The training concluded with each day center receiving a new first-aid kit! We will discuss this training and some of the things that we learned from Sister Norah in the “Through our Eyes” section this week.

To finish our week, we attended two Masai gatherings. One was a Masai assembly where Masai tribes from Kenya and Tanzania attended an event to watch a speaker. We also attended the Masai singing and dancing ceremony. It was wonderful to be accepted into their culture and we had a great time! We will discuss our trip to visit the Masai in the “Inspirational Tid-Bits” section this week.

Last week ended up being a fairly successful week! We experienced the satisfaction of completing a major project with the conclusion of the first-aid training. We were able to become excited and motivated by new information and ideas on another major project after our meeting with Dr. Declare. Also, we were humbled by the generosity of the Masai. To be a complete outsider and be invited to experience their secluded culture so intimately was both an honor and a privilege.

This week we will be working on some random tasks that need to be accomplished in June. As June is drawing to an end we are able to relax and reflect on a successful month. However, as one month ends, another begins. With the new month comes new projects and new deadlines. While everyone at BCC is very happy about June’s success, they are very motivated for July’s challenges!



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