Last week was spent catching our breath from the past month. We were incredibly busy throughout May. That is not a concern for us, since we are active Americans! We find that our culture is very fast paced and multi-task oriented when compared to other cultures around the world. The culture in Tanzania is not fast paced at all; Tanzanian’s will tell you this! Since our number one goal with BCC is sustainability, we were very happy to slow down and not ask too much of our wonderful hosts! Although the week was spent slowing down, we were still able to accomplish many goals.

BCC has a major goal centered on finding contacts or vocational and educational placement for children who can be better served with those services. Last week, we discussed our initial visit to a vocational and educational school called Imani. We took eleven children that attend BCC to the school to see if they would be able to receive education and vocational training at Imani! We will discuss the second Imani visit in more detail in the “Inspirational Tid-Bits” section this week.

BCC is working to emphasize preventative medical health for the children who receive services. All center and in-home workers will receive general first-aid training, general hygiene training, and nutrition training. As part of this goal BCC is working to compile new first-aid kits for each center. We were able to purchase some updated first-aid supplies last week and this week we will assemble those into first-aid kits!

We had a fantastic training with the nurse from the ELCT, Sister Norah. She trained the BCC staff in general first-aid. The training was incredible, and also very funny! She divided everyone, even us, into small groups. She asked general medical health questions and the group decided on an answer. We compiled a list and she used the list as a teaching point on first-aid. We will discuss this training in more detail next week, but generally speaking we learned why it is important for a local person to complete some first-aid trainings. Sister Norah will have another first-aid training later this month, which is when we will distribute the updated first-aid kits!

Finally, we attended a wonderful church service this weekend! The service was in English so we understood every word, which is a bit of a change for us around here! We also met a lot of wonderful western individuals. Although we truly love our Tanzanian experience we realize that we miss the things that we are familiar with. One of those things is our friends and families.

We enjoyed talking with the westerners and they seemed to enjoy our presence at the service. Everyone invited us back to church next Sunday and said that there will be a pot luck lunch following the service. They also invited us to a western gathering in one of the rural villages where they go on scavenger hunts and eat dinner together. We plan to attend and are excited about the prospect of making some new friends!

Next week we are going to put together our schedule for the following month. BCC is continuing to focus on its strategic plan, so we will work with Kaaya to isolate some goals to complete in June and July. We look forward to another great month working with BCC!


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