We had another successful week!  Kaaya was gone this week to Dar es Saalam.  Since he is usually the person who guides our projects, we were concerned that we would not be able to get many things accomplished.  We worked closely with one of BCC’s managers, Genevieve, and we were able to accomplish much more than we imagined!

As we discussed in our last update, we worked with some medical students last week.  We were able to get some information from them and establish a potentially valuable relationship!  Hopefully things continue to evolve with the medical school so BCC can work with the doctors to provide more reliable and preventable health services for the children who are served by BCC.  We will discuss this partnership in more detail in our “Inspirational Tid-Bits” blog this week.

We visited another organization that serves individuals with disabilities.  The organization is called CCBRT and they do wonderful things in the Moshi community and throughout Tanzania!  They provide medical services, physical therapy, and occupational therapy for children with disabilities, work with mothers and caregivers to learn how to care for their children, and work within the community to improve medical care for individuals with disabilities.  We will discuss CCBRT and our visit in more detail in an upcoming post! 

We also visited the caregiver’s bag cooperation social business and worked with them on formalizing their business practices.  We also met with the head of the Special Education Department for Moshi.  On top of all these things, we also finalized some programming matters with BCC. 

It was a very successful week!  And, like people in the USA say, when you work hard, you have to play hard.  We went on our first safari Saturday with Jesse, our safari guide and friend!  We went on a one day trip to Arusha National Park.  We saw some baboons, a very rare blue monkey, some zebras, buffalo, warthogs (which are actually called “pumba” in Kiswahili just like in the Lion King!), flamingos, and giraffes!  It was a pretty successful safari for low season!


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