Inspirational Tid-Bits

We are backtracking a bit to Easter Sunday because we promised that we would share a bit about the Masai Lutheran service we attended.  There are two videos included in this blog.  The first video shows the church choir singing a Kiswahili version of a Lutheran song.  All of the choirs in the Tanzanian Lutheran churches sing in Kiswahili, but this choir was unique.  This church is in a Masai community, which is outside of city life, in what some might call the bush.  Many individuals wear their traditional Masai clothing and they add their cultural variations to the songs and dance.  They embrace Christianity, but they have blended in their heritage and traditions to make a unique service.  We truly loved listening to the choir sing!

The second video shows a distinct Masai tradition.  We have heard that the Masai often jump, and jump very high!  Rich asked this group of men – which also happens to be a singing group that is producing a CD soon – to jump for us.  They were happy to do this and when they finished Rich asked about the meaning of the jumping.  They informed us that they jump for joy.  We often us the term, “jump for joy,” but this group of people gave the term a new meaning.  Enjoy the videos!


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