In My Belly

This dinner is not our favorite, but it is occasionally much needed.  Every now and then, something hits our stomach a little incorrectly and illness develops.  We aren’t used to the common bacteria here, so many precautions need to be taken to avoid becoming sick.  It is advised that travelers not eat fruit or vegatibles that require comsuming the peal unless that fruit or vegetable is cooked or dehydrated.  Also, we avoid lettuce and other leafy vegatibles altogether unless they are cooked.  It is also true that sometimes dishes aren’t the cleanest at restaurants.  No matter how much precaution is taken, illness can be a regular occurance for many westerners in Africa.

John was sick with a 104 degree temperature last Wednesday.  He slept most of the day and needed a meal that would be gentle on his stomach.  Melissa made him vegetable broth soup with carrots!  It does not look incredibly appetizing and it does not hold a candle to Mom’s chicken noodle soup, but when it is combined with crackers, it tastes pretty good.  It also did the trick!  His fever broke in the night and he was better and ready for work the next day!


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