Get in My Belly

Two of our dear friends and faithful blog readers suggested that we consider a new blog theme in addition to Through Our Eyes and Inspirational Tid-Bits. They were inquiring about the foods that we have been eating in Tanzania. We discussed some local cuisine and also bragged about some of the sauces and spices that we have found, which we use for some of our favorite meals from home. They proposed this clever title and it stuck! So, as we go forward we will share our favorite homemade dishes, our experiences of Tanzanian cuisine, and our discoveries of amazing local restaurants in a post called “Get in My Belly.” Here it goes!

As we were looking through spices in a local grocery store a few weeks ago, we discovered that they had soy sauce! That was the final piece for one of our “famous” dishes (in our friend circle anyways). That dish is Thai peanut sauce! In the U.S., we use this sauce to make peanut sauce pizza, stir fried veggies, pasta, and dip for spring rolls. However, our options are a bit more limited here. We made this dish with the cheapest pasta we could find, gnocchi. However, it’s not really gnocchi as we eat in the U.S.  The “gnocchi” here is pasta shells instead of the potato mixture. We added green beans and carrots that we purchased at a stand on the side of the road, and we completed our dish!


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