Through our eyes

THE DUCK LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few weeks ago, we received a duck as a gift from a person at church during their church auction. We gave the duck to a friend who helped translate for us that day. That friend gave the duck to a different person, Kaaya, the director of BCC. When Kaaya received the duck, his five year old daughter was present. She decided that the duck would be a pet. We went to dinner at Kaaya’s house on Monday and we were reacquainted with the duck! Just so everyone knows, the duck’s name is Daisy. Daisy current lives with 17 chickens and is enjoying her life.

We are continuing to do well in Moshi. We went to a Masai (we learned that Maasai is the Kenyan spelling and Masai is the Tanzanian spelling) Lutheran Church on Sunday. It was so much fun! The service was in Swahili, but the choir sang the songs to Lutheran tunes in their tribal language. The Masai are a Native African Tribe. They primarily raise cattle, wear traditional tribal clothing and jewelry, and continue to practice many of their historical rituals. They are a nomadic tribe and they still live in the same type of temporary homes that they lived in thousands of years ago! We plan to blog about the Masai Church soon!

Rich and Barb depart for the United States at the end of the week. We are picking their brains for the last pieces of knowledge and experiences before they return next January. Their heading home is slightly bitter sweet for us. We have so much to learn from them and they are such great people. It is hard to see them go. We will soon test our knowledge about how to get around Moshi and how to drive on the left side of the road! On the other side, we are incredibly excited to work with BCC staff to implement the programs and businesses that we have been discussing for the past month. We have so many ideas and goals! It is quite intimidating right now, but we are very eager to let our creativity flow and begin working with the BCC staff! We will miss Rich and Barb’s guidance and friendship, but we wish them a wonderful and relaxing break before they head to Romania again in October.

During the next week, we will be meeting with many people. We will meet with a private clinic to initiate contact for an alternative health care program that BCC will pilot for the BCC children. We will meet with Kaaya, Genevieve, and Rosemary (BCC’s management staff) a couple of times to begin planning programs and setting goals. Kaaya and Rich will present the strategic plan to the BCC staff. Hopefully after all of the meetings, we will have an initial direction and begin working toward some of BCC’s goals!


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