It has been a crazy week

It has been a crazy week. We flew out of Omaha on Tuesday, March 29. It was tough to say goodbye to our families. We are both very close to our immediate families and saying farewell for a year to anyone who means something is a tough thing to do. We will miss our families very much throughout this process. They love us unconditionally and have expressed their support for us and this project.

We arrived in Tanzania after two flights that were approximately eight hours long. We were jet lagged and exhausted, but very excited. Rich Carman, Vice President of International Development for Mosaic, was at the airport with a gentleman named Kaaya, who is a jack of all trades and the leader of Building a Caring Community (BCC). We went to bed shortly after we got to the house we are saying in. The next few days were spent unpacking, touring Moshi, and gathering things that would make the house more like our home.

We have described our tentative blog schedule. As stated in that post, we hope to have a few scheduled blog posts and a few random updates throughout each week. We have titled the Tuesday section “Through Our Eyes” and the Thursday section will be called “Inspirational Tidbits.”

Through Our Eyes will begin tomorrow! We look forward to your comments and emails about the topic!

John & Melissa


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