Dani, then and now

Dani entered the Motivation family in February of 2003 at the age of four when he was removed from Tancabesti, one of Romania’s many institutions that houses homeless children ages three to eighteen. After a short stay in Motivation’s transition program, Dani moved into the Cornetu group home. His young age and easy smile warmed the hearts of everyone who came in contact with him. He was christened in the Romanian Orthodox Church with a Motivation employee being his Godparent. A few months later, he moved into the home of foster parents. He has been in foster care ever since.

Dani’s sister, Cristina, was removed from Tancabesti at the same time and has been living in a different foster home. At a later date, it was discovered that they had a younger brother living at the institution … so without blinking an eye, Motivation staff went to pick him up. He now lives in the Cornetu group home. The three children had been abandoned by their parents, who were unable to care for them

Dani is eleven now and continues to have a big beautiful smile. He enjoys games that involve physical movement, especially soccer or playing outside with a neighborhood friend. Dani also enjoys games on the computer at home and he’s become quite an expert at the “go fish” card game and other games that make learning fun.

Dani has difficulty with learning, especially with math and handwriting. His frustration is sometimes manifested by acting out behaviors. Unfortunately, his school has a shortage of materials and equipment, staff and time. This is typical of Romanian schools, along with the fact that children who consistently need extra help with learning are neither welcomed into many schools nor by many teachers. In spite of this, Dani enjoys going to school, more so on the days that he has teachers and/or subjects that he likes. He does receive counseling and some tutoring at Motivation’s Day Center one morning a week.


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