Just another day at Motivation Romania

Each day since arriving in early October, I come to the Motivation office to work unless I’m on the road. Regardless of where I am, I get to see the staff in their element – outside the office, training, measuring a child for a new wheelchair, or see one of the children walking through the village with his or her foster mother. I remain amazed how unique each person is, while at the same time, being so much like the staff I know back home at Mosaic. Each person, regardless of which side of the world, shares some personal characteristics that transcend nationality, gender, challenges or age. And yet, the differences also hit you in the face every day as well – the differences don’t reflect good or bad; they are just different. Mark Twain said, “…nothing so liberalizes a man and expands the kindly instincts that nature put in him as travel and contact with many kinds of people.”

The other day, I stuck my head out the window of the second floor office and saw Fanica driving his wheelchair with a new device attached. The pictures tell part of the story; the rest of the story is that the guys in the wheelchair factory are always looking around for new ideas, new improvements to current products, or occasionally just messing around with the things they enjoy making … just another day at Motivation.


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