Houses, big and small

Habitat for Humanity International started the construction of a duplex home in Clinceni, Romania in June for Motivation. Recently 76 volunteers from Vodafone

gathered on a chilly fall morning, clad in red Habitat helmets and coveralls, ready for a day of work on the project. When completed, up to four young adults who came to Motivation as young children will move in, and up to four wheelchair users will join them as house mates. Shaw Trust and IMPACT shared the cost of the land and Vodafone contributed 110,000 Euros (approximately $150,000 US) for materials.

This very real Habitat House has led to the creation of 300 small clay houses. Habitat Romania ordered these from Motivation’s occupational therapy workshop upon seeing a few samples. Thousands of clay and ceramic items are made there, and like each house, they are individually created and painted by the teenagers and young adults.

Once again, positive results, even an unexpected one, were achieved through NGOs, foundations and corporate support for the common good.


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