Motivation Romania Expands Reach

In our last message we mentioned a surprise trip to observe and participate in a regional event. During our three-day round trip to Suceava we visited a new Motivation Romania center for wheelchair distribution and active rehabilitation services. This is the eleventh center to be opened in the country by Motivation Romania! Wow! As you can see, people are receiving their rehabilitation services much closer to home. Watch Wheels of Change for a more detailed view of Motivation’s active rehabilitation programs and other services and supports.

This ongoing expansion allows adults and children who need wheelchairs to access them at a much closer location. However, there are still literally thousands of people in need of wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment.

The Romanian government passed legislation several years ago with specific deadlines for the implementation of accessibility requirements. Although the buildings Motivation Romania uses meet all requirements, this has been ignored for the most part with most buildings, public and private, streets, sidewalks, and recreational areas remaining inaccessible. As an example, a brand new hotel in Bucharest built a ramp for accessibility, but topped it with marble, the incline was very steep and slippery, and it has no handrails.


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