A Warm Welcome

We arrived in Romania on October 4. The familiar face of our friend Cristian Ispas, the Director of Motivation Romania and Director of Special Olympics Romania, awaited us at the airport in Bucharest as has so often been the case during the past nine years. He offers us a warm welcome with his smile, big hug and Romanian kisses to both cheeks. 

We immediately launch into chatter about our families, changes we see outside the car windows, and quick updates about other Romanian friends. As always, it seems as though we just saw him the day before. The same is true with his wife, Emilia, when we join up with her on the way home. She is the “SO Get Into It!” Program Coordinator for Special Olympics Romania. They have a surprise for us, besides a lovely dinner and Romanian wine! We are leaving in about 36 hours for a 350 mile drive north of Bucharest to the town of Suceava to observe and participate in a regional event for students who have special needs and are in their last couple of years of school. We will share more about this trip in our next message!

I (Barb) just read “I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine,” a quote of Caskie Stinnett. This seems to sum things up at the moment!


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